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Mansnatchers Frances Vidakovic


Frances Vidakovic

Kindle Edition
435 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

MANSNATCHERSClaudia, Misha and Jezebel have everything going for them in life: youth, good looks, blossoming careers and a dangerous appetite for men. That’s attached men to be more specific because like all gutsy girls they love a good challenge.Claudia, the self-proclaimed promiscuous one, has lived her entire life with sexual freedom more suited to the free-loving 60s. Misha, the pampered princess, reluctantly gives up her bootie if the exchange rate is right (think diamond rings), while Jezebel the ex-prostitute does and says whatever she likes. All three are in the habit of chasing only attached men because a) it’s a challenge, b) the men are usually more attractive and c) why the hell not?But unbeknownst to them this summer their Mansnatching ways will finally catch up with them. Not only will they rock the stable world of Emily and Sam but closer to home a frustrated loser with a taste for revenge hopes to shatter their own lives to bits.For Famke has spent her entire life eyeing off the wonderful lives of girls who have everything handed to them on a plate. Jealous, bitter and abnormally obsessed with the Mansnatchers, Famke has never gotten over the fact the girls ruined her life back in middle school. As such she is quietly plotting her revenge.Some girls were just born to be hated…Available from: https://www.amazon.com/Mansnatchers-eb...